ProofX, LLC Announces NorthShore University HealthSystem 3D Biotech FabLab Partnership

ProofX 3D Bio FabLabs March 2014 Availability     ProofX, LLC Announces NorthShore University HealthSystem  3D Bio FabLab Partnership 3D Printing & Prototyping FabLab to Improve Surgical Outcomes, Patient Care For Immediate Release: CHICAGO, IL— ProofX 3D FabLabs — Today ProofX, LLC announced its newest ProoFX Biotech FabLab opening in a partnership with the Center for Biomedical…


The “Mac Software Gap” – Where Can the Mac Platform ‘Step Up’ in 3D Printing Software?

With the increase in interest on the additive manufacturing industry, 3D printing software and technology is quickly becoming an area of exponential growth and opportunity. And after we began to do an analysis on the current state of 3D print software, we quickly realized that the Mac platform had a lot of areas that could…


3D Printing Technology Options

3D printing is a generic term for a number of technologies that encompass the additive manufacturing world.  Additive manufacturing is a process where a digital file is converted into a solid product by building the image in a series of layers of material.  There are four basic categories for this technology and each has its…