Roadtrip Nation’s #CodeTrip Seeks Advice from Dima Elissa

Aug. 14th, 2015, CHICAGO, IL—VisMed•3D—Roadtrip Nation’s #CodeTrip stopped in Chicago, Illinois to talk to Dima Elissa, CEO and Founder of [su_vismed3d_logo]. On a cross-country mission to talk to 20 notable tech professionals, Natalie, Robin and Zoed ask Elissa about her journey to success. Roadtrip Nation partnered with Microsoft to send these three young people from underrepresented backgrounds on a road trip to interview inspiring professionals in the field who have “defied the statistics.” Natalie, Robin and Zoed are each studying Computer Science but all are searching for some knowledge and insight into how to be uniquely successful in a competitive workforce.

Dima Elissa shared with them her breadth of experiences on both a personal and professional level. “You can follow traditional routes…or you can be bold, brave, and beautiful.” said Elissa to the ‘Roadtrippers’. Elissa’s boldness landed her a job at The NutraSweet Company in Chicago, and she was able to help commercialize a new health and fitness concept for them in Boston, MA. Her appetite for business was immediately sparked and she craved more. From a young age, Elissa was fiercely independent, but even she got lost on her path to success as a young business woman. Elissa’s success was not achieved overnight. “Oh, I’ve got my scars,” she assured the Roadtrippers, but she never let the wounds of the past define her future. Her final words of advice to the Roadtrippers were: “Live, laugh, love… and always, life-craft.” She has dedicated herself to life-craftinghonoring yourself, standing in your truth and building the life you want to live.

Dima Elissa with the Road Trippers
Dima Elissa with the Road Trippers

Roadtrip Nation’s episode featuring Dima Elissa’s interview with the Code Trip team will premiere in 2016. Stay tuned for more information about the release of the interview. For now please click here for more information about Roadtrip Nation’s Code Trip.

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