Interview with 3DHeals

Dima Elissa is a serial techpreneur currently CEO and founder of VisMed-3D, a biomedical design and consulting firm that uses Al to design and visualize 3D printed body parts. Dima was selected by Chicago magazine as one of the top Women in Tech, Chicago lnno’s 50 on Fire, MakeItBetter’s Top Chicago Women in Science and by Chicago Tribune’s BlueSky Vault as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs in Chicago. Her recent designations include the American Medical Woman’s Association (AMWA) Tech and Innovation Lead to the Diversity, Inclusion & Innovation (DI&I) sector and an LGBT White House delegate on Technology and Innovation. Dima also serves as a member of the board of trustee of Hanover College, a board member for mHUB Chicago, iGIANT, is Chicago Chapter President for Women in Bio, and Chair of the STEM steering committee for the Aparecio Foundation. Dima holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Hanover College and has earned her MBA from Texas A&M’s May’s School of Business. To see the interview, visit