Northwestern Monthly Women’s Health Research Forum Presentation

As the week is wrapping up, I was reflecting on a talk I gave this past Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital in Downtown Chicago. As the presenter for the Monthly Women’s Health Research Forum, I had the honor of presenting to a group of healthcare providers, researchers, and local community members. The topic of the presentation was one that I am deeply passionate about: the impact of sex and gender on novel technologies and innovation. The differences in the male and female physiology must be reflected in the medical solutions of today. Disease affects individuals in different ways, therefore, medical devices should be tailored to the needs of the individual. In some cases, we may need to sacrifice convenience for effectiveness because one size does not always fit all. This is an idea I embrace in my business initiative, VisMed3D. Our company is a consulting firm that utilizes a proven platform for innovation research, 3D surgical patient replica development, and 3D printing technology for treatment and training. As well as being low-cost, 3D printing enables the company to create surgical implants that are tailored to the patient. Another initiative I am working on, AMWAxcel, also embraces the idea of acknowledging physiological differences in health solutions. I know that this accelerator for health solutions targeting women and diverse populations will be able to provide resources for viable startups and diversify the medical solutions on the market. To apply to our accelerator or for more information visit Feel free to contact me with questions about iGIANT or any of my other initiatives. Let’s change the face of healthcare together!