Purdue University to Meet and Tour Chicago’s ProoFX Bio FabLab

A Leader in 3D Biomedical Printing Builds Relationship with a Leader in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


April 21, 2014—CHICAGO, IL—Continuing forward with the vision of revolutionizing the additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping industries, ProoFX announced today that they would be hosting a delegation from Purdue University’s College of Technology to discuss their strengths and shared interests. On April 21st, a number of the University’s top professors in Computer Graphics Technology and Aviation Technology will be touring the ProoFX Bio FabLab facility in the Chicago area to learn more about ProoFX to forge a partnership with the woman-owned leader in 3D fabrication.


A Meeting of Visions

For the last few years, Purdue has been setting its goals on creating a healthy environment to launch the advancements and successes of tomorrow in the STEM fields. This vision of creating tomorrow’s leaders, fueling discoveries that deliver solid end results, and meeting global challenges reflect a number of ProoFX’ own ideals reinforced by their recent partnership with the Center for Biomedical Research Informatics (CBRI) at NorthShore University HealthSystem.


ProoFX CEO, Dima Elissa is fostering interstate STEM collaboration to capitalize on additive manufacturing’s ability to drive and expand economic workforce growth by leveraging the R&D capabilities of top tier institutions. This emerging technology is projected to be a core component of virtually every industry, with the potential of becoming a global trade export. “Our potential alliance with Purdue’s advanced engineering and technology researchers and faculty illustrates the importance of STEM communities embracing the power 3D printing brings to reenergize our local economy and manufacturing workforce.  The precision and accuracy needed in 3D biomedical printing and in the field of advanced computer graphics and aeronautics are profoundly similar.  As a leader in this emerging field, ProoFX bridges its unique knowhow with elite scientific disciplines to realize gains in 3D design, accelerated rapid prototyping and leverages applied materials science for continuous innovation”


A Collaboration of Giants

Considering Purdue’s recent commitment to a STEM MBA program from the Krannert School of Management in Chicago, which offers weekend classes for professional engineers and scientists who want a business degree, it is safe to say Purdue also shares the same belief that interstate collaboration in the STEM communities shows a lot of promise and potential.


As Robert Cox, associate dean for globalization and engagement, states, “We in Purdue’s College of Technology view this trip as an opportunity to search for common ground between ProoFX’ strengths and vision and ours. How does ProoFX’ focus on advanced manufacturing, advanced technology and profitable growth engage with the college’s goals of curriculum innovation, research opportunities and economic development for the community?”


Launching from ProoFX’ most recent success with the Bio FabLab opened at CBRI, a similar engagement with Purdue University would lay the foundation for the next major advancements in several fields. With the growing momentum in the engineering and manufacturing fields in and around Lafayette, Indiana, the location is already shaping into a healthy ecosystem for the next wave of innovative technology and STEM collaboration.


Purdue’s Cox further comments “There’s already potential for some truly exciting synergy between ProofX and Purdue University’s research and curriculum in aviation technology as the  university’s long-time collaborator, GE Aviation, recently announced plans for a new production facility just minutes from the Purdue campus. The $100 million investment in the West Lafayette based facility is promising advances in additive manufacturing which, combined with Purdue’s seasoned researchers and  ProofX’ revolutionary print capability, is just the sort of fertile ground needed for the next major growths in engineering and manufacturing. “


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