ProofX, LLC Announces NorthShore University HealthSystem 3D Biotech FabLab Partnership

ProofX 3D Bio FabLabs March 2014 Availability     ProofX, LLC Announces NorthShore University HealthSystem  3D Bio FabLab Partnership 3D Printing & Prototyping FabLab to Improve Surgical Outcomes, Patient Care For Immediate Release: CHICAGO, IL— ProofX 3D FabLabs — Today ProofX, LLC announced its newest ProoFX Biotech FabLab opening in a partnership with the Center for Biomedical […]

Elissa named to Hanover College Board of Trustees

A graduate of Hanover College, in southeastern Indiana, Dima Elissa ’85 was nominated and selected to serve on the Board of Trustees.  Graduating two semesters early with a Chemistry degree, she quickly embraced her first pivot working nearly 10 years as an executive at NutraSweet in Chicago.  Those years built upon her entrepreneurial fiber exposing […]

3D Printing Technology Options

3D printing is a generic term for a number of technologies that encompass the additive manufacturing world.  Additive manufacturing is a process where a digital file is converted into a solid product by building the image in a series of layers of material.  There are four basic categories for this technology and each has its […]