ABCNews7 Segment on Chicago Ideas Week Lab

Chicago, Ill. (WLS) — Great minds have converged on Chicago for the fourth annual Chicago Ideas Week, including one company that uses 3D printing to replicate body parts. ProofX, located in Evanston, Ill., hopes to use 3D printing technology to create copies of body parts that can actually be used in the human body.In this […]

One of Five Labs to Blow Your Mind @Chicagoideas Week October 13, 2014

  Biomedical 3-D printing company ProofX works with doctors to print custom life-size replicas of patients’ organs. Surgeons can practice or modify complex procedures on exact replicas of their patients, theoretically saving time and reducing risk. After a tour and presentation with some examples of the kind of 3-D printing they can do, the ProofX […]